This affiliate marketer made almost $15k using only Pinterest. This is an excellent side hustle idea for beginners because her method does not require buying products or spending money on advertising. Want to know how she did it? Read our case study below and check out the video.

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  • Great video. Affiliate marketing is my favorite business model. Thanks for sharing.
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  • This is the ONLY concise video on Affiliate Marketing I think I’ve ever actually encountered.
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Case Study:

  1. How this side hustle works:
    • is a visual search engine where users can create or search for photo and video content called “pins”. To make money you can create pins with visually appealing products and then provide an affiliate link in the Pinterest pin. If a user sees your pin, clicks your link and purchases the product then you will get a percentage of the sale. 
  2. What do I need to get started?
    1. A Pinterest account. Be sure to use a “business” account.
    2. Access to software to build pins: The most common tool for this is canva.
    3. A membership to an affiliate network. Joining an affiliate network is free. The most common are amazon associates program,, and
  3. What is the best niche?
    • Because the site is visual and most of the users are women some of the most common niches to market tend to be fashion and cosmetics but there are lots of great niches that could potentially have low competition and would be a gold mine for any marketer that does a little bit of research to discover them. The products used in this project were women’s streetwear.
  4. How did she advertise the content that she created?
    1. Used keywords in her profile to ensure that she shows up in Pinterest and potential google searches.
      • Can use chat gpt to help with descriptions if needed.
      • Can use canva to create a logo and banner if not using a photo.
    2. There are some techniques that can be used to build followers and promote your pins but because Pinterest is a search engine you can make money without advertising the products. Once you build the Pinterest pins users will naturally find them if your content is visually appealing. 
    3. Posted at least 3 to 6 pins per day to maximize the amount of views.
  5. Why would people trust her enough to buy from her content?
    • Because Pinterest is a visual platform and affiliate links send the user to trusted vendors (amazon, etc) trust in the person creating the pin is generally not needed.
  6. What types of content did she create(pins)?
    1. Bundle pins: A pin that features a collage of related products.
      • You can only use one link per pin so use product tagging as seen in the video.
    2. Infographic: A pin that features charts, diagrams, or text information in addition to the product.
    3. Single product show case: A pin showing a single product.
    4. Repurposed content: Content from other creators on Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, etc. The best benefit to using repurposed content is that if it did well on other social media websites then it will likely do well on pinterest also.
      • Note: When using repurposed content make sure to remove the watermark and credit the original creator.
  7. What products did she use?
    • Canva: Design software that can be used to design the Pinterest pins as well as profile content like avatars and banners.
  8. Any other tips regarding how to build or market pins?
    • Don’t reveal the brand name in the text. Users may google the product rather than going through the link which means you will not get credit for the sale.

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Last Update: March 13, 2024